How It Works

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Follow these steps to order food online near you. Navigate to the restaurant of your choosing using our restaurant database that contains links to hundreds of dining options in the Memphis area. You can see that list here on our Restaurants Page.



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Once you have you determined your order.  Simply fill out our easy to use order form with your order, contact information, and payment options. You can see that list here on our Order Form Page.



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Now that your order has been placed, simply sit back and relax.  Our drivers will deliver your order within 60 minutes or less. No need to worry about tips either because this is all calculated into the delivery fee.


*Note: Please keep in mind that Bluff City Chow drivers will do their best to have your online food order delivered to you in a fast and professional manner in under 60 minutes.  However, traffic conditions, road conditions, and driver availability must be taken into consideration for each order.