Company Timeline

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Bluff city chow

company timeline


  • 2012 – Daniel, Armaan, and Talitha enroll and begin classes at the University of Memphis.
  • 2015 – Daniel, Armaan, and Talitha become friends via a business course they took together.
  • 2016 – The team expresses their frustration at the lack of food delivery options in the Memphis area.
  • 2017
    • The team decides to remedy the problem by creating their own business. The idea behind the Bluff City Chow concept was a food delivery company that would offer online food ordering for almost any type of restaurant take-out!
    • The team creates a business plan.
    • The team develops a company website.
    • Bluff City Chow’s first delivery is completed!
  • 2018 – Goals: Hire more drivers, continue to develop our business, contract more restaurants, and build a brand and business that the citizens of Memphis trust for food delivery!